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2022 Wedding Colour Trend Predictions

Throughout the years, wedding colour trends have changed dramatically. Whilst each year weddings showcase a wide variety of colours, there’s always some colours that prove more popular than others. Last year saw light blue as the go-to colour for Bride and Grooms, which was in keeping with Pantone's announcement that their 2020 colour of the year was to be classic blue.

This year, 2021, Pantone named two contrasting colours as their colour of the year: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (Yellow). Just as we saw last year, we can already see the announcement subconsciously, (or consciously!), affecting Bride and Grooms decisions as people begin picking out their palettes.

We look into how this will affect wedding colour trends over the next year, starting with the classic carried over from postponed Bride and Grooms last year, light blue.

Light blue wedding colour scheme inspiration

Light Blue Colour Scheme

Whether it be periwinkle, powder blue, morning blue or ice blue, this will be a staple colour in many Bride and Grooms' colour palettes. With its calming and whimsical look, it’s hard not to fall in love with its shades. Some Bride and Grooms will choose to use baby blue as their main colour and others will pair it with another such as navy or blush. It can even be paired with colours such as lilac or burnt orange to create and completely different feel. It’s easily adaptable for any season which is one of the reasons baby blue colour schemes are so popular – they suit all year round!

Light blue is perfectly used at any time of the year to add a splash of colour to your wedding whilst keeping a soft and romantic look throughout.

Blush wedding colour scheme inspiration

Blush Colour Scheme

This a popular wedding colour in 2021 with many Bride and Grooms opting for a soft and calming look for their wedding. This colour scheme isn’t new and is a timelessly romantic look and feel for your wedding.

Blush is a soft colour that’s easy on the eyes and will give a bright and open feel to your wedding, which will be perfect for any time of the year! Make sure you get the right balance of colour when if you’re choosing to pair blush with a colour, such as its popular partner light blue. Light blue alone can often feel slightly cold, but not enough and you’ll lose the way it complements the soft tones of blush.

This colour scheme would be perfect for a rustic or barn-stye venue, where you want the architecture of the venue to stand out and your decorations to compliment what's already there.

Grey wedding colour scheme inspiration

Grey Colour Scheme

Grey has boomed in recent years, across homes, fashions and now weddings. Neutrals have always been a popular wedding colour with soft tones being highly desirable.

Following Pantone's announcement that ultimate grey is one of its colours of the year, we’re expecting grey wedding themes to rise in popularity as the year goes on and into 2022.

Although grey can be an amazing theme by itself, we’re often asked; What colours go with grey for a wedding theme?

We love grey paired with blush, which is another popular colour theme this year, but our favourite pairing colour is green. Grey and green wedding theme can be strikingly beautiful, with neutral tones being perfect for any time of the year.

This colour scheme is great all year round, bringing a beautifully neutral and in-demand colour to your wedding. Grey comes in a range of colours, but we would recommend keeping grey to a medium-light tone if you’re using it as your primary colour.

Orange wedding colour scheme inspiration

Orange Colour Scheme

In past years, coral and peaches have pushed orange tones aside and made orange a complementary second colour, rather than spotlighting as a theme of its own.

Orange colour themes for a wedding are fast rising in popularity. There are many tones of orange to choose from such as Burnt Orange, Rusty Orange, Papaya Orange, Tangerine Orange and that’s just to name a few!

Depending on which tones of orange you choose and how you use them, you can achieve anything from an earthy boho orange wedding to an illuminating tropical wedding. The great thing about an orange wedding theme is that you can splash as much or little of the colour as you wish. It can be suitable and blending or bold and eye-catching.

This colour is great at any time of year, bringing vibrancy to a wedding during the summer or warm tones during winter. Our favourite time to use this colour is predictably Autumn, matching the leaves and bring the cosy tones into the wedding as the evening temperatures drop.

Neutral wedding colour scheme inspiration

Neutral Colour Scheme

In years gone by, Bride and Grooms would choose a colour for their colour scheme and everything would be planned and styled around the colour.

Neutrals earth tones like ivory, creams and taupe have rocketed in popularity in recent years. Rather than picking a colour, Bride and Grooms are choosing to create their wedding themes using a range of colours and shades that all provide the same look and feel.

The colours and shades are echoed throughout the whole wedding including florals, bridesmaids’ dresses and the venue itself. If you’re keeping your colours neutral think about adding some texture to elements such as your stationery to really set apart the tones.

Lots of Bride and Grooms add green into their neural colour palette as this some naturally with floral leaves and natural outside backdrops. As neutrals are earth colours, dark greens sit really well in the palette and provide a subtle splash of colour if things are beginning to look a bit too washed and blended.

This theme is best used in a venue that provides a blank canvas, this could be anything from a barn, to a castle, to a bold manor house. The thing we love about neutrals is that they can create any wedding vibe, from laid back boho to elegantly formal.

Purple wedding colour scheme inspiration

Purple Colour Scheme

Purple wedding colour schemes are nothing new to the scene. They dominated the palette of many weddings for years and the timeless colour isn’t vanishing any time soon, however, the most popular shades of purple have changed.

In recent years, we’ve seen a move away from the bold shades of purple during the summer months and popularity has grown in the lavender and lilac shades of purple that sit well with a pastel palette. The rise in popularity of a blush colour scheme has also found purple partnered as a secondary colour.

During the cooler months of the year, medium to dark shades remain highly popular, is paired well with burgundy and eggplant shade. There is something about to classic Royal purple that makes Bride and Grooms fall in love with it year on year.

There are so many ways to use purple throughout a wedding. The colours sit well in any venue depending on which tones you pick, and it goes well at any time of year!

Wedding trends are fast-changing, but there are timeless colours that we see appear year on year. Before making any decisions, create multiple Pinterest boards for a different theme and get your mood board together.

Head to our Pinterest page to get started! We have lots of colour theme ideas as well as other wedding tips that will help you along the way. If you’d unsure how to achieve your vision, then get in touch! We'd love to help with styling your big day.

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