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9 Of the Biggest Upcoming Wedding Colour Trends for 2021/2022

As with any fashion, wedding trends are continuously changing and evolving. Just like the classic wedding dress has changed over the years, so have wedding colour trends. If you're looking for some inspiration, we've shared our predictions for the upcoming trends for 2021/2022 weddings.

Pantone's colour of the year announcement always has an impact on the colour schemes that rise in popularity. 2021’s colour is rumoured to be Aqua, however, the biggest impact on our 2021 wedding colours will be the 2020 colour of the year which is classic blue. We can already see these affecting decisions as blues, greys and paler colours are becoming increasingly popular over bolder and statement colour choices.

Many of next year’s peak dates will be booked by Brides and Grooms who were set to have their wedding this year, and sadly have had to postpone. This will have a knock-on effect on 2022 wedding colour trends, as many of their dates will be booked further in advance than usual by newly engaged Brides and Grooms from 2020. As the planning and decision making will be undertaken earlier, our 2022 wedding colour trends will be similar to 2021.

Light Blue and Blush Pink Wedding Colour Scheme 2021

Light Blue and Blush

There’s no surprise that our first popular colour scheme will include that beautiful blue selected by Pantone. Light blue and blush is a really relaxing colour palette, providing a romantic and calming effect.

Pairing these two colours together will give a bright and open feel to your wedding which will be perfect for spring! Make sure you get the right balance of colour when choosing light blue and blush as your wedding colours. Light blue alone can often feel slightly cold, but not enough and you’ll lose the way it complements the soft tones of blush.

This colour scheme would be perfect for a rustic or barn-stye venue, where you want the architecture of the venue to stand out and your decorations to compliment what's already there.

Sage and Gold Wedding Colour Scheme 2021/2022

Sage and Gold

Sage is a beautiful and calming colour and when paired with gold it really comes to life and becomes a really upmarket, premium colour. The great thing about this colour theme is that it’s great for a wedding at any time of year, and it will remain popular in 2021/22.

Gold and sage are two beautiful classic colours that can easily be combined through ornaments and flowers to create the perfect colour palette. Sage foliage is low cost and a great way to bulk out the colour in your theme, plus there’s a huge variety to choose from!

We've used this colour scheme in country house or manor house-style venues, where the colours sit beautifully against the traditional decor and fabrics.

Grey, gold and sage green Wedding Colour Scheme 2021/2022

Grey, Gold and Sage

There’s nothing more beautiful than bringing those natural colours and shades into your wedding - whether you choose to have it based indoors or outdoors. Grey has quickly grown in popularity and become a staple colour in our homes so, of course, our love for grey is going to be reflected in our weddings!

By adding grey as a neutral colour into your wedding colour palette it will soften the gold and sage and make for a slightly more calming theme. Neutral colours are BIG right now, and by adding them to your wedding colour palette, you will be right on trend whilst still achieving the striking combination of gold and sage.


We have seen rainbows in every direction this year and it will undoubtedly have an impact on its popularity for the next few years. We’re seeing multicolour wedding themes boom in popularity!

You may choose this theme because the NHS and key workers are close to your heart or because you have a new appreciation for how pretty multicolours are, after seeing them this year. Why not suggest that each Bridesmaid wears a different colour? You’ll make a statement and keep your Bridesmaids happy in a colour that suits them. The easiest way to splash this theme across your wedding is through your florals. Florists will be able to help you get creative, and pick unusual bold flowers to honour your theme.

We particularly love seeing rainbow colour schemes at Tipi or Marquee-style weddings, where the over-the -top colour scheme gives a fun, casual festival vibe.

Pink and sage Wedding Colour Scheme 2021/2022

Dusky Pink and Sage

Dusky pink has been a popular wedding colour theme for the past few years and won't be going anywhere soon! The soothing shades of dusky pink will set the perfect atmosphere for your wedding. Adding splashes of sage to compliment the colour is a great combination; remember, it doesn’t need to be neat, let the ivy flow and it will look wonderfully natural.

Together these colours are easy on the eye and loved by everybody. Appearing effortless and natural dusky pink and sage will continue to be popular in 2021 and 2022.

Dusky pink and sage really can work at any venue - so it's a great scheme to choose if you're looking for versatility.

Red and Pink Wedding Colour Scheme 2021/2022

Deep Pinks and Reds

Red and white can be a risky theme if not achieved correctly due to the accidental look of ‘blood and bandages’, however utilising different shades of deep reds to light pinks is becoming increasingly popular and a wonderful combination as they work so well together.

Red is the colour of love after all, and by ensuring you use the whole palette range, you’ll create that perfect romantic feel that you’re looking for. Roses are usually the first thought for this theme but consider using other flowers alongside them such as peonies or berries; these can be less costly and can provide a wider spectrum of colour in each bouquet.

This colour theme will work brilliantly for industrial-style venues which are becoming more and more popular.

Emerald and Gold

With both emerald and gold being such an elegant colour, they make a beautiful combination when paired together. This colour scheme is easy to achieve with gold vases and lots of ivy in your floral displays.

Bridesmaids in emerald will be a great contrast against a white wedding dress, and the colour suits every skintone and hair colour - so it's a great people pleaser! Another great way to work this emerald and gold wedding palette into your day is to swap out your silver cutlery for gold cutlery – this simple change will look really impactful (and have your guests gasping with delight)!

You can also think about incorporating more exotic foliage into this scheme which works brilliantly for destination weddings.

Lilac and purple Wedding Colour Scheme 2021/2022

Lilac and Purple

Purple is a common choice for weddings and can easily be achieved with beautiful flowers. Pairing this colour with a lilac softens the colour scheme and allows you to make the most of the colour palette experience a range of shades.

By having a range of bridesmaids dressing in a variety of purple and lilac shades, the theme will come together and make for a beautiful scene and dazzling photos.

Light blue and navy Wedding Colour Scheme 2021/2022

Light Blue and Navy

Navy has been a popular colour theme for weddings for a few years now. Blue is the most popular colour for the Grooms suit, as it's easy to get hold of, looks really chic but also suits most skintones and hair colours. This is a really versatile colour theme for any time of the year, so it's a great one to consider if you haven't yet chosen your wedding date.

Pairing the popular navy with trending light blue is the perfect combination to choose for your wedding. The soft light blue compliments the navy and alters the theme from the common navy colour theme. Vary the shades through your Bridesmaids dresses to suit their tastes and skin tones. Ombre flowers are perfect for this theme and add an amazing splash of colour in your wedding.

Wedding trends are constantly keeping us on our toes and there are lots of outside factors that influence the trends. Whatever colour palette you choose, make sure to do your research, create a Pinterest board and explore your options.

Picture how each theme will look as a whole before making a decision, consider your overall style and, most importantly, imagine it at your venue. If you’re unsure about your wedding theme or are not sure to achieve its full potential then take a look at our Pinterest page and get in touch! We'd love to help with styling your big day.

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