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Christmas Event in the Heart of Chateau

In December, we arranged for a team of 17 to travel to the heart of the Champagne Region in France, where we organized a bespoke Christmas event for them. We meticulously planned and executed every aspect of the trip, from arranging the stunning French Chateau to managing the travel logistics and providing an authentic Champagne caves tour.

Our team ensured that our client and their team had an unforgettable experience, catering to their every need and ensuring that they were able to fully immerse themselves in the local French culture and enjoy their festive trip to the fullest. We took great pride in providing a smooth and unforgettable experience for everyone who attended.

Venue and accommodation

As with most of our venue searches, the brief was accompanied by a list of specific requirements that we knew were essential for the event to be a success.

We sought a venue that combined grandeur with comfort and intimacy, which proved to be a challenging task. Additionally, the venue needed to be situated in the heart of the Champagne region, with a dining room and table capable of accommodating a minimum of 20 guests and 12 equally as beautiful bedrooms.

We were also set on finding a venue that had an experienced French catering team that could accommodate breakfast, lunch, and dinner arrangements whilst still allowing guests the flexibility to store and prepare their own snacks and drinks.

Although our criteria may have seemed extensive, our team was dedicated and determined to ensure that every detail was taken care of, no matter how small.

Following our initial search, we worked with the client to compile a shortlist of potential venues. With our finalists, we did thorough research until we ultimately decided on a showstopping Chateau that met all the criteria.

We worked closely with the venue and their catering team, leaving no stone unturned or detail missed, meticulously planning every aspect of the event from the initial welcome drinks to gourmet dinners on each night. We even made sure that there was ample fridge space available for the client's personal items, such as snacks for anyone with strict dietary requirements or allergies.

We took great care to ensure that all the client’s requirements were fulfilled, creating a bespoke and unforgettable experience for them and their team. The final choice of accommodation was seamless and beautifully orchestrated, leaving both our team and the client thrilled with the prospect.


Organising international travel for one other person can seem like a daunting task, let alone a whole team, particularly when navigating the complexities of different laws and regulations across the channel. Right from the outset of the planning process, we recognised the importance of careful and well-planned travel arrangements to ensure a successful trip.

Our team took care of every aspect of the travel arrangements, from sourcing and booking hotels in Folkstone the night before travel to arranging transportation via the Eurotunnel. We also provided detailed French law and information travel packs, including a comprehensive guide for all the team outlining the different driving laws and regulations they would need to be aware of.

By taking a proactive approach and addressing potential challenges before they arose, we

were able to provide a stress-free travel experience for the team, allowing

them to fully enjoy their trip without any unnecessary complications.


No trip to Champagne would be complete without experiencing the region's famous Champagne tours. We couldn’t team their team all the way to Champagne and not visit the Champagne caves at the end of the day!

As event planners, we recognised the importance of including an authentic activity as part of our client's itinerary, ensuring they had the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the Champagne region's culture, as well as let their hair down and bond as a team.

With so many tours available, we presented several of the best options to our client, each

with its unique offerings and tasting experiences. After careful consideration, the client opted for a cave tour at the famous Tattinger, drawn to the smaller group size and authentic experience they provided.

When the tour ended, the team indulged in a Champagne tasting, with each guest sampling

two different Champagnes, including a vintage variety. Of course, safety was a top priority, and we took care to educate the team on French driving laws and stricter drink-drive limits. Being responsible, we arranged for a coach to transport the guests to and from the Chateau, providing peace of mind and a worry-free experience for all.

Organising a successful company Christmas event in a foreign country can be a daunting task, requiring careful planning and lots of attention to detail. Our team was able to create a truly memorable experience for the client and their team by selecting a beautiful Chateau in the heart of Champagne, arranging reliable catering services, and an authentic experience that they’ll remember for a lifetime. All whilst ensuring compliance with French laws and regulations.

By working closely with the client and taking their specific requirements into account, we

were able to create an experience that they will remember for a lifetime. Their team was able to enjoy the best of what the Champagne region had to offer, from the stunning scenery to the delicious food and wine.

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