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Creativity is key

As a luxury event company creativity is key. We drive creatively and innovation across all of our event. But how can you get those creative cogs turning?

Surrounding yourself with creativity is key! We’ve picked out our top creative Instagram accounts to inspire you. Take a look at these accounts to spark your creative mind and start a creative wild fire!

1. Ida Frosk - This one is for you food lovers out there. Ida Skivenes is crazily creative when it comes to food. The saying ‘don’t play with your food’ doesn’t apply to Ida! When you’re catering is become dull and mundane check out her Instagram for some inspiration! (Although we don’t expect you to produce everything this artist has conjured up)!

2. Maya (Tania Ahsan) - Anyone with a love for animals is going to find their creativity set wild by this one! The account follows the life of Maya, Tania’s adorable bulldog, and her exciting adventures around NY and LA. After a scroll through Maya Instagram account we can assure you you’ll want to get back to the drawing board and get creative – it’s guaranteed to light the creative spark to produce an amazing event.

3. Murad Osmann (and his girlfriend)! - Okay, you may have seen or heard of this one. After all, he has won influencer of the year and Top 3 travel influencer by Forbes. Murad is all about photography, and yet funnily enough his pictures are all taken from the same angle. He uses a combination of photography and digital to produce images being led by his girlfriend. If these locations don’t inspire you to plan something truly great, we don’t know what will!

4. Juniper Oats - This account is less about the pictures individually and rather the presentation of the account as a whole. This account oozes creativity, but most importantly it demonstrates how careful and well thought out planning can influence the overall. Not only is it super creative, but what we can learn from it is that the small details make a difference. And even more importantly - don’t lose sight of the big picture when you’re planning your event.

5. Carolyn Mara – Carolyn’s perspective on everyday life can inspire something in all of us with her creative outlook on very ordinary things. Events don’t need to be over the top with lots going on, and Carolyn shows us that sometimes less is more. It’s about perspective.

We love being creative, and do it all day everyday designing events. If you’re stuck for creativity for your event, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to put on the thinking cap to create the perfect event for you and your guests!

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