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How to Host a Children’s Birthday Party (without all the stress!)

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Hosting a children’s birthday party can be a lot of unexpected pressure, and although that’s nothing new, the focus has shifted from over the top entertainment to all eyes on personalisation. This big shift is leaving a lot of parents feeling overwhelmed and stressed with the pressure to produce a party as good or better than everyone else’s. And it's not like you need any added stress when you have excitable children at home!

We have put together 3 key points to consider which will hopefully help you when planning for your little one’s birthday.

1. Child’s perspective

It’s easy to get caught up in delivering an ‘instagramable’ party but remember the number one reason for hosting the party – to throw your little one a celebration for their birthday. By reminding yourself of this when making decisions, you may find that there are a lot of things being done for the benefit of the adults rather than the children and it’s important to realise why you’re doing certain aspects of the party. The aim of the party is to have your child grow up with fond memories of their birthdays and the other children too. Streamline your ideas to only those that are really going to make a difference and create those memories for the children. Let's be honest - your 4 year-old doesn’t care if his cake boxes are personalised or not!

2. Hire help

Hiring a professional to come in and help design and plan the party will take-off enormous amounts of pressure from you. Not only will they assist with the design and planning but they will also help manage all your suppliers on the day (and they know the best ones!). The idea of this is so that you can enjoy the party and mingle with your guests rather than worrying about the next step each moment – leave that to the professionals.

3. Confine the party to one area

This is the one that is always underestimated. If you choose to host the party at home, the last thing you want is cake smeared down the curtains and face paint all over the sofa. Setting rules from the start will save you a lot of stress! Hiring a marquee can solve many problems, it allows the party to be isolated to one place, however if you host it indoors decide which room the party will take place in and stick to it, the best of the house is out of bounds. If you have a little bit extra budget, hiring a luxury toilet trailer is an absolute must. Having those little (and big) hands all over your clean bathroom can disaster waiting to happen but by hiring a luxury toilet all the mess is confined to one place – and there’s no cleaning up to do!

These three simple points will really help you to streamline your thoughts and get through the overwhelming task ahead. Hopefully this will help with the pressure you’re faced with then planning the party and will take some of the weight of your shoulders. This should be an enjoyable celebration for the children and the parents as well. Try not to get too caught up in completing with previous parties and enjoy the planning and the day!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure about where to start, we’ll be more than happy to get things moving for you and take the stress away from your completely so that you’re only left with the fun decisions to make.

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