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How to Plan a Beautiful Spring Dinner Party: Tips for a Memorable Celebration

Spring is the perfect time to start gathering your friends and family for a dinner party. As the days get longer and warmer, and the flowers begin to bloom, it's the ideal time to gather your friends and family for a dinner party in the evening sun!

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just want to enjoy the beautiful weather, hosting a spring dinner party can be a lot of fun. We’ve set out some of the basics that you might want to consider when planning a successful spring dinner party:

Make Use of Newly Budding Fresh Flowers

One of the best things about spring is the abundance of fresh flowers that are available, from shops and your own garden. To create a beautiful atmosphere for your dinner party, make use of the newly budding fresh flowers by placing them in vases or arranging them on the table. Not only will they look beautiful, but they'll also add a lovely scent to the room. Even better, use seasonal flowers that blossom in spring to keep it local and green.

Keep the Colour Schemes Light

Spring is all about lightness and freshness, so keep the colour schemes for your dinner party light and bright. Choose pastel shades, such as soft pinks, yellows, and blues, to create a light and airy atmosphere. There’s always time for those dark and moody colours later in the year!

Decorate the Space with Easter Theme Décor and Florals

Easter is a spring holiday, so why not incorporate some Easter-themed décor and florals into your party? You can decorate the table with Easter eggs, bunny-shaped decorations, or pastel-coloured candles. You can also add some Easter-themed florals, such as daffodils or tulips, to the table.

Have the Children in the Family Help to Make Décor

Getting the children in the family involved in party planning can be a fun way to spend time together and create some unique décor that you certainly won’t find in the shops. You can have them help you make Easter-themed decorations or create their own flower arrangements for the table. It will provide a talking point and a memorable touch for your family and friends.

Prepare Light and Fruity Cocktails and Mocktails

A great way to refresh your guests is by serving light and fruity cocktails or mocktails. You can make drinks with fresh fruit, such as strawberries or raspberries, and add a touch of sparkling water for a little fizz. Don't forget to garnish your drinks with fresh fruit slices or mint leaves for an extra touch of spring. Better still, use the produce from your garden, your nasturtiums may not be fully grown yet, but there is plenty of safe fruit and veg to choose from!

Leave the Heavy Dishes in Winter and Choose Lighter Food

When it comes to the menu for your spring dinner party, keep things light and fresh. Leave the heavy dishes, such as pies and roasts, in winter and opt for lighter fare, such as grilled fish or chicken, fresh salads with light dressing, and vegetable sides. You can also include some spring produce, such as asparagus or artichokes in your menu.

Finally, consider changing up the time of your dinner party to take advantage of the longer, lighter evenings that come with spring! Instead of hosting your party in the evening, consider hosting it in the late afternoon. This will give your guests plenty of time to enjoy the spring weather and make the most of the longer days. It also means you still have the possibility of carrying on into the evening – win, win!

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