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How to Plan the Ultimate Outdoor Engagement Party

Planning an outdoor engagement party

You’ve got this exciting, life-changing news and you cannot wait to celebrate it and share the excitement with those closest to you! Whether you want to throw an intimate party in the garden, or hire a big beautiful outdoor venue to celebrate, we can help you with all of the special details so you can relax and enjoy it. In fact - we LOVE planning engagement parties (almost as much as we love planning weddings!)

Whatever you decide to do, we have put together a simple guide to the crucial ‘who, when, where and what’ of planning the ultimate outdoor engagement party!

Who should host our engagement party?

This answer may seem obvious but it’s often not simply the Bride and Groom-to-be that host their engagement party. Engagement parties will often be planned and funded by family or friends – and sometimes it’s even a surprise! So if you're thinking of throwing an engagement party for the Bride and Groom-to-be, don't be afraid to host it at home. You may as well take advantage of the space you have, and you can better utilise your budget on decorations or food to really make the event memorable.

If you’re planning an engagement party but also don’t want all the stress that goes alongside it, then you can bring in the professionals to help and have an event planner organise and oversee everything for you. So you can relax, and enjoy the happy engagement bubble you're in!

Planning an outdoor engagement party

Who should we invite to our engagement party?

This will vary depending on if you want a big celebration or a smaller, more intimate celebration. If you decide to have a big celebration, it’s best and tradition to only invite people who are invited to the wedding. This could also save a few headaches further down the line!

Given the current circumstances, you may decide to have a smaller engagement party (or maybe even several!). You’ll want to be sure to invite your closest family and bridal party at the very least. As with any event, the number of guests you invite will have an impact on the venues that you can consider as well as the cost.

When should we have our engagement party?

Deciding when you would like to host your engagement party can be tricky. Typically, most engagement parties are held a few months after the question is popped - however, there are no rules. If you're thinking of hosting it in Autumn/Winter, remember you'll need to think about other provisions such as shelter and heating which will come at an additional cost.

When you decide to host your engagement party may also vary depending on when you’re planning to have the wedding. If you’re planning a long engagement, then you may decide to delay having your engagement party for 6 months or so to give you time to plan the ultimate celebration. Similarly, you may decide to speed the timeline up if you’re having a much shorter engagement or are just bursting with excitement!

Where should we have our engagement party?

The engagement party often sets the scene for the wedding without you even realising or meaning to! Whether boho or elegant, most couples will have a style and it will most likely be in line with the style you choose for your wedding. If you’re choosing to have your engagement party in a venue, make sure the theme of your venue is in-keeping with your style.

However, there's no better place to host your engagement party than in the comfort of your own garden and it's easy to create a relaxed, intimate vibe. The key to a great garden engagement party is chic, simple lighting and stylish table decorations. We love incorporating subtle, elegant lighting such as candles and festoon lights, to create a laid-back and romantic atmosphere.

You will want to make sure wherever you hold your engagement party you make sure it’s easily assessable for all of your invited guests. If you have people travelling from further away, you will need to consider train links and accommodation in close proximity to the venue.

How can I make my engagement party special?

There are loads of great ways to make your party memorable. Think about how you can make it really sentimental - could you hang up pictures of you both? Hand-make some beautiful signage to welcome your guests? What about picking flowers from your garden and arranging posies on the table?

Another great idea is to treat your guests to some great personalised cocktails and mocktails. Use your favourite spirits and flavours, and decorate them with edible flowers and use beautiful glassware. You could even make a DIY drinks bar with fruit and flavoured syrups so your guests can make their own cocktails.

Finally, think about foods that are easy to serve, share and eat whilst standing. Everyone loves delicious, beautifully presented canapes or grazing boards and it means that you don't have to worry about food service or hot food during the event.

Hopefully that answers your questions on the who, when, where and what of planning your garden engagement party! Don’t less the stress of planning your engagement party overrule the excitement you feel at the moment! If you need an additional pair of hands, or a professional to take off the stressful tasks and leave you with the fun then don’t hesitate! You’re only going to have one engagement celebration and you want to be able to love every moment.

Planning an outdoor engagement party
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