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Looking for a Sweet 16 theme that no one will forget?

Looking to make your sweet 16 unforgettable. The first thing to do is to pick a magnificent theme for the party that will have people talking forever. Check out our 3 favourite 16th birthday party themes that will guarantee to have people talking…

1. Victoria Secret theme This is our favourite theme of all time. Transfer your event venue into a magnificent angels dressing room. Show, lights, graphics and props will have your friends taking selfies for hours. Why not even give your guests a VS gift bag to take home. Your party will be sure to be remembered forever..

2. Beach Theme Why not take a cliche pool party and transform it into a scene from Ibiza or Love Island. Don’t forget the bespoke graphics, screens and props, it’s the small details that make a big difference! With the right DJ you’ll have people partying all evening, late in to the night and taking pictures galore!

3. Great Gatsby theme. The perfect décor in the grandest venue will create a ball that will dazzle your friends and family. Pick the right venue to reflect the theme and decorate with classy graphics, grand props, entertainers and unforgettable surprises for your guests. Done right this theme can create show stopping glamour, unforgettable pictures and guests asking you when the next party is!

We’ve got lots of ideas, how about a Coachella theme party, or a Paris theme party? Contact us to find out about we can transform your imagination!

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