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Luxury Corporate Retreats - Why Book a Retreat for Your Next Corporate Event?

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Corporate Retreat with cushions and plants

Self-care and mindfulness are fast coming popular buzz words around peoples work and social life, and there’s a lot of science to say that they should be! Integrating mindfulness and self-care into everyday life is coming more common than ever before. But how and why should you choose a retreat for your next corporate event?

What is a corporate retreat?

A corporate retreat can be anything from half a day to a week or longer.

The main objective of a corporate retreat is to allow guests to move away from their everyday lives and allow them to see things in a different light. The aim is to inspire your teams and re-ignite their creativity, and these will have huge benefits when you get back to the office. Unplugging and unwinding from everyday work is a key part of the experience for most, allowing time to gain a new perspective.

A corporate retreat should also allow the opportunity for individuals to build connections with other members of the group and build on communication and trust within the team

Why choose a retreat for your next corporate event?

We’ve all heard about the benefits of mindfulness and how it's important for self-care. It doesn’t just stop there though; not only are retreats great for personal development and self-care but they can also be very impactful when it comes to professional development for your team

Here are just some of the benefits that could come from choosing a corporate retreat:

• A retreat can offer the opportunity to work on personal development which will have a direct impact on how someone performs in a professional setting, giving them clarity on their goals and direction.

• Connecting with oneself can boost morale and productivity in the workplace - many of us don't take the time to be truly present in our daily lives, and doing so can give us a great new perspective.

• It can allow your workforce to regroup and rediscover the passion they have for their work.

• Retreats can encourage learning, bonding, and unifying, helping your teams work better together in the office.

• By choosing a retreat, you also convey a message of caring about your employee’s welfare which can boost retention and morale.

• Retreats can help build on communication within teams because people can be more open and vulnerable out of the office.

• Stress reduction can also be a result of changing the everyday routines of your workforce, giving them the opportunity to think differently about problems or situations.

Overall, retreats can be a powerful tool for your company and propel your workforce forward, thus making for a stronger, happier, and more successful team.

3 different corporate retreats for your next corporate event:

Nature retreat with hiking

Nature retreats

If you’re used to working in a busy office in the city, a trip to a nature retreat immersed in the middle of the countryside can be the perfect choice for your team. Nature retreats can provide a much-needed break from the usual surroundings and a chance to appreciate natural beauty.

Nature retreats can offer a wide range of activities such as Geocaching in a forest, kayaking on a lake, and taking some much needed ‘me time’ in a lavender field. Many offer outdoor evening activities such as outdoor BBQs, which gives your team the opportunity to unwind and bond around a roaring fire.

There are a range of nature retreats available offering everything from luxurious accommodation to premium glamping.

Corporate retreat with yoga

Wellness retreats

Wellness retreats such as Mind and Body allow your workforce to move away from the corporate setting and immerse themselves in a luxurious retreat with a schedule packed full of yoga and lessons to hardness mindset skills and stress management techniques.

A wellness retreat isn’t all about working individually, the activities are largely carried out in groups alongside your colleagues where you will strengthen connections and build on existing relationships. Focusing on group activities such as hiking and team building activities, wellness retreats work on using your skills to strengthen both as an individual and as a team.

Most wellness retreats also offer evening team building activities, such as private group dinners where you can make the most of bonding and the sense of community these retreats have to offer.

Yoga retreat in the mountains

Creative Retreats

Creative retreats are a great idea for groups who have mixed abilities but love to get creative (or need to increase their creativity)! Creative retreats can include a range of creative activities from cooking to painting, designing, and making!

Corporate retreats are packed full of activities that ensure teams will work together, find inspiration and learn about their different strengths and weaknesses. Creative retreats produce strengthened relationships and communities amongst groups, as they encourage teamwork and laughter.

Corporate retreats can also offer lavish dinners in the evening to unwind after a full day of creativity or even incorporate the teambuilding into the evening by having the options of grazing on food the team prepared earlier that day!

There are many different types of retreats to choose from when looking for your perfect corporate retreat. Retreats should be filled with development for you and your team and ensure everyone feels included. Work out what you want to achieve from your corporate retreat to help decide which options are best for you.

Love the idea of a corporate retreat but have no idea where to begin? Get in touch with us, we would love to help!

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