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Planning a Boho Wedding

Boho wedding ideas

Boho weddings have boomed in popularity over the past few years as Bride and Grooms seek natural weddings without all the fuss and formal atmosphere. There’s something about the look and feel of a boho wedding that gets people excited! As we connect with the earth more, boho wedding vibes are top of the list for many newly engaged couples. But with the world around us feeling more modern by the day, how do we achieve a true boho wedding without slipping into modern elements?

We’ve put together some simple and easy boho wedding essentials, including boho wedding décor and how to make your earth and nature boho theme come to life!

Embrace Natural Beauty

The natural beauty around you will highly depend on where you choose to have your wedding. Whether you chose the Scottish Highlands, a desert in Crete or a mountain range overlooking a lake in Italy, make the most of the scenery. There’s no better way to set a boho vibe than to keep your backdrop natural and simple.

Rather than choosing a lavish floral arch for your ceremony, choose scenery and add a simple wooden arch to mark the spot. You could add a spray of simplistic dried flowers or a drape of linen to the arch to set the theme, but the scenic backdrop will do most of the work for you.

If you're not lucky enough to be outside, you can adopt this style inside too by making sure your arch is infront of a focal point such as a window.

Your choice of florals

When most people think boho wedding, it’s the whimsical florals that jump out the most to them, and they’re not wrong! Florals can be a huge décor factor in a boho wedding. Keep your flowers in theme with your boho wedding by choosing florals that are mostly neutral in colour.

Nothing screams boho wedding more than pampas and soft complimenting colours. Add flowers to the mix that are less uniform and create more of a whimsical feel to your bouquets and displays. You’ll want to achieve a look at says these were effortlessly thrown together as opposed to carefully planned out - as they usually are! Why not even consider bud vases, these are super simplistic but scream boho, whilst also being very friendly to your budget. Not to mention they also look beautiful!

Make sure that your florals are consistent throughout your wedding, including your buttonholes and any other flower displays you have around the venue. The venue may have in house flower displays (real or faux) that they have displayed around the venue. Don’t be afraid to ask the venue to remove these if they don't go with your theme!

Get yourself a flower crown

Your boho flower crown will give the vibe ‘I found these whilst walking in the wildness’, as opposed to being carefully designed to match your floral theme and dress. A boho flower crown will bring an effortless style to your overall look and is a great accessory to take on and off for pictures throughout the day.

Don’t stop with just designing yourself a boho flower crown! Order some free-spirited crowns for your Bridesmaids and Flowers girls to complete the look. Not only will they love the flower crowns, but they will also add to the theme and complete the Bridal party.

Choose your venue carefully

If you’re going for a boho wedding theme, you’ll want to keep a venue that is in keeping with the boho atmosphere you’re trying to create. A modern manor house will be much harder to transform than a venue that already has a natural look and theme.

Your venue doesn’t need to have a boho theme already, but it does help to choose somewhere that is a blank canvas that has the potential to transform into a boho themed wedding venue.

Choosing an outdoor venue, such as a greenhouse or earthy tipi marquee will lend itself well to creating your desired boho theme. Choosing a venue that’s already halfway there will save your time and money when it comes to decor, and will mean you have plenty of photo spots to choose from as well.

Choose earthy elements

Boho is all about nature and earth. Keep your theme consistent by choosing earthy elements to incorporate into the theme. Use small stones or quartz as placeholders on the table or weights on your napkins. These will add earthiness, as well as a little sparkle to the theme.

When putting together a boho theme wedding, it’s the small details that make the big difference. Don’t assume the smallest of details will go without notice, these are usually the ones that make the biggest impact.

Mix-match furniture

We love to see mix-match furniture at a boho wedding! It really makes the theme come to life. Choose a range of wooden chairs for your wedding breakfast that are similar enough to be suitable at the same table but different enough to create that wow factor.

Your occasional seating around the venue should also be mix-match with a variety of wooden seating and velour vintage armchairs. The great thing about creating this theme is you’ll be able to get them all from the same suppliers (saving on delivery costs) because you’re not looking for a full set to seat all your guests and therefore can be flexible with the amount the company has to hire of each. Alternatively, you could source antique chairs and have them restored for a mix-and-match feel.

You could also choose to have large pouffes or rustic beanbags for more of a casual feel, with low-level tables and vintage rugs to complete the look.

Add macramé elements and décor

Macramé décor is becoming more popular throughout our homes and is perfect for a boho wedding. Add some macramé wall hanging around your wedding venue or use them to display pots and florals throughout the venue.

If you’re having any occasional seating, add a few macramé scatters cushions across the armchairs. You could even incorporate them into a headdress or as evening blankets to really bring the theme to life!

Do not underestimate candlelight

Candlelight can be a powerful tool to create an atmosphere, particularly for boho weddings!

Church candles are a simple and easy piece of décor to implement. They can be scattered throughout the venue and used on your tables. Our favourite use is to scatter them down the aisle to create a candlelit arch. They set an atmosphere better than any décor and provide the warm glow that comes with a boho theme. You can also use tea lights or candles in vintage candleholders to provide the candle-lit atmosphere you desire.

We hope these simple and easy ideas for your boho wedding will help bring your theme to life! It’s all about the earthy tones and creating the atmosphere that comes with a boho wedding. Remember, it’s the little details that make the difference!

If you’re looking to plan a boho wedding, head to our boho wedding Pinterest boards to find more ideas and get in touch to find out how we can help plan your perfect boho wedding!

Boho wedding ideas

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