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Planning a post-pandemic party

Outdoor party

Post-Covid party planning can feel more confusing than you ever imagined. After spending 18 months with rules in place that everyone had to follow to even in the peak of summer 2020, it can be daunting to know how to plan a party post-pandemic! Whether you're planning a birthday, wedding or corporate celebration, we share our tips for planning a post-pandemic party - and if you're feeling stressed, our team would love to organise it for you!

Plan your Party in Advance

This year, suppliers are seeing a huge spike in the number of inquiries they’re receiving, leaving some of them with limited availability for peak dates for the rest of the year. The competition for some of the best suppliers is high, so if you know what you want, make sure you book it early.

Don't forget, you aren't only competing with this year's party planners; you also need to consider events that were postponed from last year, occasions that were missed and people just getting back together after a long time apart.

Here are our top 4 things to help when you’re looking for party suppliers

  1. To avoid disappointment, make sure you begin enquiring with suppliers as soon as you set a date. The sooner you can start making your enquiries and pencilling suppliers in the better. Most suppliers will even hold a date for you while you make a final decision if you’re serious about booking.

  2. Make sure you stay flexible with your supplier options to keep your options wider, if you’re dead set on a supplier that’s unavailable you’ll find yourself feeling disappointed and even a little overwhelmed.

  3. Enquire with multiple companies to make sure you’re getting the best deals. Competition may be high, but you still don’t want to be paying above and beyond for your event. Make sure you get a few quotes for each and compare each one - and don't forget to negotiate! Quality is important, so don’t always look for the cheapest cost; be aware of averages prices, and make sure your supplier can deliver a great service.

  4. Find a supplier that can offer as much of what you’re looking for as possible. A supplier will be much more likely to juggle things around to fit in your booking if it’s worth their while. For example, rather than finding two separate suppliers for food and drinks, look for a supplier that can provide both for you.

Create Zones and Make Space

Remember - not everyone will be comfortable with suddenly being plummeted into a sea of people after shielding or isolating - regardless of the current guidelines and rules in place.

Whether you’re throwing your party at home or a venue, you’ll want to make sure your guest list doesn’t exceed your space capacity. It’s important to ensure guests have ample room to distance from others if they would like to.

We’ve found lounge areas to be very popular this year. Hiring in sofas, cushions, and rugs to create an outdoor lounge makes all the difference. Not only does it provide a space for people to distance themselves from the mingling, but it also is somewhere for elderly or pregnant guests to sit and relax. A chill out area is also a stunning addition to any event and can be an unexpected wow that guests were not anticipating!

Outdoor Party Planning

Ventilation is key to making sure people feel safe. If you’re thinking of hosting a party in a venue, make sure there is sufficient ventilation inside. For example, an old barn will have much better ventilation than a cosy room in an old house.

If you are choosing to host the party in your home, you will want to open doors and windows where possible. You may consider hiring a marquee with outdoor heaters to keep your guests warm whilst providing the ventilation that will keep them feeling comfortable. If you’re worried about it getting chilly, hire in some blankets and throws. These go down a treat and are never left unused!

Post-Pandemic Food and Drink

Food and beverage options have changed a lot since the start of the pandemic. A couple of years ago, grazing boards were hugely popular, and they still are in smaller groups. However, for larger events they aren’t the obvious answer anymore.

People are much more conscious about health and safety (can you believe we used to blow out candles on a cake, and then share it with people!). If you’re still looking for something casual like a grazing board, why not try a served buffet, where a waiter and waitress serves your food on your plate for you. Alternatively, options like desserts can be replaced at a buffet and chosen as guests go up to your food station.

Drinks have also changed, and many people don’t want to prepare drinks themselves. Make sure guests can have freshly made drinks from a bar or look at getting individual cans or bottles, that you and your guests know are Covid safe.

When you’re planning your post-Covid party, keep in mind that everyone will feel safe in different environments, and make allowances to accommodate those as best you can. You may even want to include a note in your invitations to acknowledge this and let people know if they would like to wear a mask, they’re more than welcome.

A post-Covid party should be a time to celebrate lots of missed occasions. If you’re planning a post-Covid party and would like help to bring it to life whilst keep everyone safe, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help!

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