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Planning an Epic 21st Birthday Celebration

Celebrating birthday party with champagne

Turning 21 is a big deal - so it's only right that you plan the party of the century! After the last year, we love any excuse to dance until dawn with the people we love - so we're sharing our tips and ideas for planning the ultimate 21st birthday celebration.

Choosing a 21st Birthday Party Venue

A great venue can make or break any party. When it comes to your 21st birthday, you want to celebrate in style, so finding the perfect birthday party venue is important. Ensure you have a theme in mind before shortlisting venues; the setting should really set the stage for your event theming and decor.

You should make sure your venue is happy for you to enjoy the space late into the evening so ask when the bar will close, and if there are any noise limits. Similarly, finding a venue with accommodation onsite or nearby is important if you want your guests to party until the early hours.

You don't have to host your party in a typical "party venue" - here are some unusual 21st Birthday venue ideas that you may not have considered:

  • Local museums

  • Rooftop bars and restaurants

  • Retro bowling alleys

  • Breweries

  • Boats on the river

  • Converted banks

  • Quirky basement bars

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Luxury event decor - Lights and Balloons

21st Birthday Decor

Using decor and theming is key to making your 21st birthday party showstopping - but it needs to be personal to you.

Trend-wise, we're noticing that our clients are asking for understated glamour when it comes to the event design - think soft colours, wild flowers and touches of boho decor - all dressed up with impressive lighting, soft textiles and beautiful furniture. This theme also translates beautifully both indoors and out - so makes for a really flexible set up.

If you want something with a bit more drama, consider a darker theme with gold accents, velvet furniture and over-the-top foliage displays. Use lighting to zone the space and make each area more intimate. Make the dancefloor the centre of the scheme and you'll be sure to have people dancing all night.

Anopia events work closely with every client to put together a bespoke theme for their event. This can be the hardest part to narrow down, but we're experts in bringing every vision to life.

If you're looking for more 21st Birthday Party decor inspiration - check out our Party Planning pinterest board.

Instagrammable Party Moments

In 2021, designing your party with social media in mind is a must - so we always make sure there are plenty of instagrammable moments for guests to take advantage of. Whether it's a neon sign, flower arch or photo booth - you can be sure guests will be sharing on social for weeks to come.

Similarly, we also recommend hiring a professional photographer for your event. Everyone has a mobile phone nowadays, but DIY photos can often be disappointing in low lighting!

Luxury purple table decor with candles and flowers

Party Food and Drink

Perhaps the most important part of 21st birthday planning, the food and drink can really set the tone for the whole event. Before you start budgeting, ask yourself what kind of food you want. Are you thinking you'd like a gourmet sit down meal? Perhaps just some light canapés to accompany your cocktails? Or what about casual grazing tables that can be enjoyed all afternoon?

There are loads of options to choose from, and your guests will always remember a great meal.

Finally, it's important to consider your drinks menu. If drinks are complimentary, narrow the menu down to a handful of popular options (including soft drinks), with a few signature cocktails for good measure. We can work with expert mixologists to come up with personalised 21st Birthday cocktails that are bespoke to your event, and our graphic designers will even produce your menus and stationary to match.

21s Birthday Entertainment

You might think that birthday entertainment starts and ends with a great DJ, but there's SO much more you could consider.

Don't forget your arrival entertainment. Whether you want a musician playing for a chilled vibe, or trapeze artists to get everyone excited, it's important to start the event with a bang. Your entertainment should tie into your theme and should be the best you can afford for a memorable event.

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