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Case Study Anopia Wedding: Mark & Lindsay

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Today we chat with Anastasia about one of our most recent events - Mark and Lindsay's special day.

Tell us about the vision for the wedding...

Mark and Lindsay came to us a little unsure of their vision for their special day. Around a year before, the couple had a civil ceremony to tie the knot. They wanted to celebrate the occasion and use it as a chance to see family and friends after lockdowns, for a relaxed celebration to remember. The event brief was an outdoor evening dinner with approximately 80 guests and their favourite Country Duo, The Shires!

Mark and Lindsay had one key ‘must’ for the big day... and this was that it shouldn’t look anything like a wedding! We loved this idea and soon set up a call to review some images and start pulling a theme and a vibe together for the day.

We created moodboards that included elements of mid-summers night dreams, medieval banquet and boho weddings. We spent time establishing the different elements from each that the client loved and built a truly bespoke event to encompass elements the best of all three themes!

What was your favourite thing about the event?

There were so many amazing things about this event, but our favourite thing was the use of creative lighting.

We worked with an amazing supplier to create and design the perfect lighting for the venue. We used a mixture of different lighting techniques such as hanging filament bulbs from the large tree in the centre of the grounds, creating a stunning walkway with hanging lanterns, having a filament lighting curtain as the backdrop for The Shires and amazing uplighting highlighting all the best features of the grounds.

Lighting is often underestimated by clients, but our couple were happy for us to suggest the most effective and memorable lighting options to transform the grounds into the stunning outdoor backdrop that it became.

Although the lighting took centre stage in our minds, there were so many elements that helped to pull this amazing theme together. Just to name a few: Wedding flowers

The flowers for this event were phenomenal! All the flowers in the images were designed and created by our supplier. We worked with them to build a vision for the displays and they did not disappoint. The displays ranged from small lower level flowers for the chill-out area to large cascading foliage displays that sat upon old whisky barrels to tie all corners of the grounds into one cohesive the theme. Wedding Crockery

All of the crockery for the event followed one theme – mishmash! We worked with our supplier to create a mixture of boho and greens to tie in the theme of midsummers night dream on the tables and even brought in vintage glassware for guests to fully immerse them in the theme all night long! All the plates were vintage, and we mean real vintage that was in keeping with the rest of the premium elements of the event. Chill out sofa area

We wanted to give somewhere for guests to rest their feet before the meal began and after the dancing had begun! To keep the theme of the event alive in all areas, we hired vintage sofas, crate seating, throws and rugs (along with other themed furniture and décor) to create a chill-out area for everyone to enjoy.

This area was a great addition to the night and was loved by the elderly, children and guests with sore dancing feet throughout the night! Everything in the images was carefully planned to create a themed area that would be decorated with lighting and florals to keep the theme alive!

What did the Anopia team to do make the event special?

Our client was set on having the entire event outdoors. Which we loved! But when yellow weather warnings were issued the day before and we woke up to roaring thunder in the morning of the event, things started to look a little rocky! Our contingency plans began to kick in.

With our client’s hopes in mind and our contingency plans in place, we did everything we could to continue with the event outside. We held off setting up until the last minute in a hope that the weather would dry up and we would be able to deliver our Plan A with all the event elements outdoors.

With a stroke of luck rain let up at the last moment and we managed to set the entire event up outside. The client was over the moon, and we managed to pull all the hands-on-deck in time for soundcheck!

What did the couple think?

"Anastasia and James are simply brilliant. They took on our party planning when we realised we had taken on more than we could chew, and made it into a spectacular event. Nothing was too much trouble. They literally took care of everything, and created exactly what we asked. They made the process effortless. Will certainly be using Anopia again. Amazing job."
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