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The Benefits of Planning a 2-day Conference

Updated: May 18, 2021

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Planning a multi-day conference can be a daunting task. An overnight conference adds significantly more to your list and it feels like there’s much more to plan and organise. We recently shared our top tips for planning a two day conference. But what are the benefits? We share our thoughts below.

Overnight conference benefits

An overnight conference can have huge benefits; not only does it give you more time to work, but it also allows for an opportunity for you to treat your guests and use the event as an incentive.

Increased concentration and maximum takeaway

An overnight conference has been proven to increase focus with regular breaks and fewer chances of information overload. By allowing regular intervals, you’ll ensure to keep your employees engaged and interested in the topic you’re addressing. Similarly, getting away from your usual workplace can encourage creativity and stimulate ideas, which will mean you will get more out of your team.

There’s a science that proves that regular intervals increase concentration and performance. Squeezing masses of information into one day will create a less enjoyable experience for your guests and cause them to retain less information - and that's why we always recommend 2-day conferences.

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Discuss topics in-depth

Having plenty of time for each speaker or topic will give your employees a much better chance of absorbing and retaining any information. By hosting your conference across two days you will allow ample time for topics to be explored and taught without the possibility of rushing or having to cut content.

Not only does it allow extra time for the speaker, but it allows more time for discussion and Q&A at the end of sessions, which can hugely excel the success of your conference and where ideas can really come to life. Your staff will also feel more relaxed and therefore, more likely to ask questions and discuss their thoughts with colleagues.

Having more time means you could also make use of breakout sessions, which might be vetoed due to time constraints in a 1-day conference. This gives guests a chance to work together in smaller groups, mingle with others and bounce ideas and questions around about whatever topic you’re addressing. This works well for team members who may not feel confident speaking up infront of a large group, and allows ideas to develop more organically.


Whether your company large or small, an overnight conference creates a great opportunity for bonding. Not only does it allow colleagues to bond with one another in an out of work setting but it also allows them time to converse with other senior people in the company in a scenario they wouldn’t usually encounter. This is particularly important after a year of virtual meetings and virtual teambuilding!

This can be great for your organisation's culture; giving employees the confidence to speak to senior staff both in and out of the office. This can be particularly important for larger companies, where employees and seniors are not working in the same location on a day-to-day basis.

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Reward your employees

An all-day conference can seem tedious and boring. Travelling a long way for a day packed with information can seem quite stressful for many of your team - particularly if they have other commitments.

Inviting your employees to a two-day conference gives them an entirely different perspective on the event. Instead, this offers them the chance to get away from the home or work office and immerse themselves in a little getaway with colleagues.

A two-day conference will usually have an arranged dinner in the evening, and this is a great way to reward staff and boost morale. Who doesn't like having an excuse to dress up and enjoy a nice dinner?! Some companies take this opportunity to make this a more formal occasion and create an award ceremony for employees which will increase staff retention.

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Increased staff retention

Two-day conferences are a great incentive to reward and retain staff - especially if you're staying at a luxury hotel or unusual venue. The bonding and enjoyment that can come from a two-day conference is a great added incentive to retain your staff whilst also hitting all your conference goals.

Added incentives are hugely important to staff nowadays, particularly as people start to evaluate what is important to them within their role. By providing your employees with an overnight conference, they’ll remember how enjoyable your company made the experience and the opportunities such as networking, bonding and enjoyment that came from it, as well as making them feel valued members of your team.

Our team are experts at planning overnight conferences. If you need a helping hand, book a free consultation call today.

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