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Top Tips for your Halloween Party

Our team are working hard behind the scenes ready to produce some of the most hair-rising halloween parties to be attended this year!

Here are our three basic tips to keep in mind if you’re planning a party:

Venue Why not be creative with the venue and hire an old Church turned venue – build on what’s already there and half of the work is done for you! If you’re thinking of having the party at home, what better way to keep people out the house than a themed marquee in the garden. These work perfectly for Halloween as your guests are lead to the creepy place in the garden!

Décor Be creative! We’ve all seen cobwebs and skeletons, think outside the box to something that’s really going to scare your guests. We integrate modern technology across all our events to heighten the experience. Why not use it for yours by blending in some hidden screens that will go unnoticed…until a guest gets too close! Boo!

Food and Drink It goes without staying that this should be well themed. If you’re thinking of doing the catering yourself don’t overcomplicate this, it’s the easiest way to miss your party. Keep to basic themes, prepare the presentation before hand and leave it simple on the night. Alternatively, why not get in a gruelling hog roast to keep in fitting with the theme!

Our most important tip is to enjoy to enjoy the party! Yes you want to wow your guests, but remember they came to your party and they want to see you! Keep it simple on the night so that you can enjoy the party, or hire us at Anopia Events. We specialise in organising all of this for you, so you don’t have to stress and can be a guest at your own party too..

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