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Unicorn theme 5th birthday party

Our client was seeking a unique way to make her daughter's 5th birthday unforgettable. With unicorns as the theme, we had our work cut out for us crafting an event that could bring both children and adults together in amazement! We rose to the occasion and created an extraordinary unicorn-filled experience everyone would remember forever.

Our client was well-prepared for their special occasion and had already secured a beautiful party venue, complete with an outdoor porch area ideal for mingling in the sunshine.

With a creative vision in place, we worked efficiently to make this birthday party one of the best any kid could ask for - from spectacular entertainment and decoration ideas to delicious cakes and fun-filled goodie bags. We were determined in the short time we had; these elements would be perfect!

Party Bags

We wanted to create party bags that would ensure every item could be used and enjoyed again and again, instead of discarded after a single event. To make sure the children had an enjoyable experience while also being environmentally friendly, we chose items with lasting value; ones they can continue to use beyond the initial celebration!

By making sure the contents of each bag are valuable to children, we're creating a positive experience for them while also doing our part in reducing waste! These items would be reused and enjoyed on an ongoing basis.

Entertainment Let's create an engaging and fun children's entertainment experience that won't leave the adults looking for the exit! With the entertainment, we wanted to ensure everyone had a memorable time they could look back on with smiles.

Our special unicorn princesses were a hit at this party! They kept the kids happily busy with interactive games and crafts while giving parents some much-needed time to catch up.

With their engaging performance and entertainment, these entertainers added a captivating layer to the overall atmosphere of this event making it immersive for adults and children.


A key feature of the event was to capture guests' attention as they arrived, and we knew a statement piece would be just the thing! Working with our designer, we chose an incredible décor element that both kids and adults alike were thrilled by.

When designing the event space, our goal was to create more than just a backdrop for photographs - we wanted our entertainers and attendees to be surrounded by an inspiring atmosphere!

Our talented balloon stylist amazed everyone and exceeded expectations at the event - delivering an unforgettable experience with her incredible work!

To commemorate a special 5th birthday, she crafted the perfect custom unicorn boards as the centerpiece of an enchanting display. Delicate pastel balloons and illuminated number provided a dazzling reminder to celebrate the exciting occasion


Cakes and cupcakes

To ensure the party was a success, we got to work planning an unforgettable cake and cupcakes for the client. Armed with their own research findings, our client provided us with clear ideas of what they wanted - making it easier to make this sweet celebration just perfect!

We collaborated with one of the most experienced bakers in town to craft a stunning cake and cupcakes, delivering on both theme and client wishes.

The client went with a cake that was exciting and in keeping with the theme, whilst keeping an elegance about the design that was appealing for all.

To make the party even more special, we added sweet cupcakes to be given away in individual cake boxes. The children absolutely loved taking home a treat from the celebration!

Our event was a beautifully composed symphony of celebration and fun! The children's excitement, coupled with the adults' joy created an unforgettable experience that will stay in their memories for years to come.

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