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Wedding & Event Dessert Table Ideas

Dessert table with balloons and copper and pink accessories

Dessert tables are becoming an increasingly popular choice for weddings and events in recent years. This is especially the case for planners who choose not to have a sit-down meal and opt for more relaxed food options, such as a hog roast, or BBQ, instead.

Don’t be fooled, dessert tables are not a new thing and have been around for many years. Although, their increasing popularity has caused a boom in creativity and some amazing dessert table ideas have been born.

We take a look at the reasons why a dessert table could be perfect for your wedding or event, and explore some of the ideas that would make yours stand out from the rest.

Dessert Table Options

Not everyone at your event will enjoy the same dessert. The standard cheesecake doesn’t suit every palette. One of the best things about having a dessert table is the choice that they can offer. A dessert table will typically include at least 3 – 4 different options to choose from.

Top tip: If you’re going for food ideas, include at least one chocolate option and one fruity option. These tend to be opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of guests’ preferences, so both types will be covered. Alternatively, why not set the table up so guests can assemble their own?! Not only is this creative and interactive, but it means that everyone will find something they enjoy.

Cupcakes on dessert table

Dessert Table Decor

Undeniably, any table covered in all of your favourite sweet desserts is going to look appealing. Not only will it be appealing to our sweet tooth, but it will also scream out to our Instagram-loving friends and family!

As well as being something great to eat, it can be a lovely feature in the room and become an integral part of your theme. The best dessert tables are those that are themed well and match your overall wedding or event theme.

Dessert table décor doesn’t have to be difficult, and it’s easy to work this into the rest of your wedding theme. For example, if you’re going for a rustic theme then use different sizes and heights of tree trunks to create height and add texture into the appearance. It’s also important to make a feature of your dessert table. Why not have it placed under a decorative arch, or surrounded by foliage or balloons? You could also use colourful table dressings to fit in with your theme, or use mismatched cake stands and crockery. It’s these little subtle differences that always create the wow factor at weddings and events, and often the desserts speak for themselves anyway.

Dessert table for children's party

Homemade Dessert Tables

Most people have at least one family, friend or acquaintance that is amazing in the kitchen. Rather than spending an hour trying to find someone you’ve never met to cater, why not ask someone you know to bake something special for your dessert table. A lot of bakers and cooks would be ecstatic to be asked to cater for a wedding or event and be honoured to make your dessert table come to life! Hand over creative freedom to them and let them come up with amazing treats that will amaze you and your guests. If you don’t know someone who bakes, why not source an independent bakery instead? You’ll also have a lovely feeling of supporting a small business and you’ll get something unique that your friends and family will enjoy.

Creative Dessert Tables

The great thing about opting for a dessert table is that you can be as creative and far from traditions as you would like, but it’s important to think of the practicalities too. As its unlikely that your guests will be sitting down to eat, make sure all of your desserts can be eaten with their hands. Noone wants to eat an apple crumble on the dancefloor!

There are many ways you can make your dessert table tailored around the things you love. If you love doughnuts, have a huge display of doughnuts! But always remember, variety is key with a dessert table. Alongside your doughnut display, have alternative doughnut flavours and colours to appeal to all and create a stunning doughnut display.

Similarly, not everyone has a sweet tooth. Cheese can also be a great dessert option to offer to guests on your dessert table. Divide your dessert table into puddings and cheese and offer a variety for guests to choose from.

Doughnut Wall

Hot and Cold Dessert Options

One of the main reason’s dessert tables are so brilliant is because guests can come and help themselves as and when they please (and as many times as they please)! Dessert tables are often used in the same way as grazing tables. They can be set up hours in advance, and therefore it’s important to choose options that are going to be just as delicious later on. Our crumble example from earlier might not be so delicious once it’s cold and the custard has formed a skin!

As Many as you Like

Have you ever been torn between two desserts? A dessert table solves all those problems and allows guests to sample multiple dishes (if they have the room!) This is most people favourite thing about a dessert table. Unlike a dessert with a sit-down meal, a dessert table offers the ability for guests with a sweet tooth to have multiple helpings of different desserts.

As dessert tables are out for long periods, it creates the perfect opportunity for guests to go back for seconds and thirds. And as dessert tables usually offer the dessert pre-plated, no one will notice when you put down your empty plate and swiftly pick up a fresh one!

Dessert table Chritnas

Make them minute

Dessert tables are usually served in the same way that bowl food is. The concept is very similar in that there is a range of dishes, most of the time pre-plated and open for guests to help themselves. Bowl food is designed to be small and easy to eat, and if you’re planning on a dessert table where guests don’t need to be seated to eat, so should yours.

The key part to a successful dessert table is to make the portions small enough that guests can go back for seconds or thirds to sample different desserts if they wish.

As traditions have increasingly changed and altered with weddings and events, dessert tables are becoming increasingly popular. They bring a fun and relaxed feel that more people are seeking year on year. If you’re considering a dessert table but are not sure where to start, get in touch to find out how we can help to style and create not only your dessert table but your wedding or event too.

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