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What will my wedding look like following the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Bride and Groom in Scenery | Wedding Trends Born following the Coronavirus Pandemic

With lots of 2020 weddings postponed until 2021, we'll see new post-quarantine wedding trends emerging as your diaries start to become full again. The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtably had a huge effect on our values and will continue to have a huge influence wedding trends after lockdown. The question on everyones lips is 'What will my wedding look like after the pandemic?!'

We have put together some of the top trends that think we will see rising in popularly after the lockdown.


Harpers Bazaar recorded an increase in elopements in 2019, reporting that couples were already looking to move away from the pressure of a big, extravagant wedding. Whilst in lockdown, couples have been re-evaluating what’s important for their wedding day and will move further away from a big showy wedding and the competitive pressure of out-doing others.

An elopement can still be beautiful. Couples are increasingly searching photos on Pinterest of couples in elopement style wedding pictures. ‘Elopement collective’ share beautiful images of couples who have opted to elope, showing a unique and intimate day for the couple.

Virtual Guests

As weddings begin again, there will still be those who are more vulnerable or elderly, and who are choosing to socially distance for longer. Zoom has become increasingly popular for keeping in touch during the lockdown and will continue to keep us connected in the difficult decisions ahead - particularly when it comes to attending weddings.

Guests may opt to take part in your ceremony and speeches via zoom whilst social distancing, or alternatively, many couples will choose to reduce the number of guests invited in order to safeguard vulnerable family members.

Rustic buttonhole flowers | Wedding Trends Born following the Coronavirus Pandemic

Smaller, More Intimate Weddings

As we ease out of lockdown and very slowly back into a new kind of normal life, we will see a rise in the number of small weddings taking place. This will undoubtably be partly down to social distancing guidelines put in place by the government, and the social bubble that may be on the cards for a while. The increase in popularity of small wedding will also be because couples are re-evaluating who and what is important to them, and slimming down their guest list to only those who matter.

Creative and Handmade Decor

Having had our choice of leisure and relax activities restricted dramatically, people have been finding more time to get creative. Many small business owners now have more time to be creative and bring out new products, but also many couples may have been trying out new projects for a first time and discovering hidden talents. People have had more time to create and appreciate the smaller details which we will certainly see reflected in the choice of décor, stationery and bridal accessories.

handmade flower arrangements | Wedding Trends Born following the Covid-19 Pandemic

Big Boom in Summer 2021 Weddings

We are already seeing the boom of 2021 weddings beginning as couples due to get married in 2020 are re-scheduling to new dates in 2021. This is creating very busy diaries next year for wedding suppliers! As well as this, it has also highlighted the importance of close family and friends, with couples choosing to have a smaller wedding and host their day sooner, rather than waiting for several years to save and plan a big event.

Shorter lead times

With the average engagement usually lasting 20 months in the UK, shorter engagements are definitely something that we will see on the cards. As we’ve mentioned, couples will be having smaller weddings, and therefore not having to save for many months in advance.

Couples may also have taken this time to appreciate the elderly around them and want a shorter engagement to ensure they are fit and well to be with them on their special day.

Feel overwhelmed at planning a short-lead wedding? We're offering 20% off shorter lead wedding planning. Find out more here.

Small ceremony, large reception or party to follow

Many couples choose to go abroad to get married and have a big party with all their friends and family when they return. As small wedding rise in popularity, more people will be choosing to have a small ceremony with a larger celebration.

As weddings are allowed to resume, couples will choose to continue to have their ceremonies on their planned dates with a limited number of guests and book a big celebration for 2021 once limitations are lifted. Couples will continue to follow this format of having a more intimate ceremony in 2021 and planning their big celebration of the same evening or another day entirely!

Outdoor weddings

Outdoor weddings are going to be a strong trend in 2021, particularly as we are learning that infection rates could be lower in an outdoor space. Couples will be choosing outdoor ceremonies and receptions to keep people that little bit safer.

We’ll also see a rise in couples using outdoor ceremonies because of nature and simplicity. We’ve had an opportunity to reflect, notice the little things and appreciate nature like never before.

Opportunities to reconnect

As we move away from isolation and social distancing, the world will begin to seek opportunities to reconnect with loved ones. What’s a better place to do this than through a wedding? Meaningful and emotive experiences will become much more powerful as we emerge from lockdown, as people are getting less lost in materialistic and competitive aspects and seek deeper reconnections with those who matter.

Styled Elopements

Styled elopements are already beginning to become a huge thing in the wedding world. Couples who are choosing to elope still desire those intimate pictures and theming that suits them.

Styled elopements provide all the theming and settings for a beautiful wedding for just the couple. As couples continue to look for opportunities to keep the wedding about what really matters with just the two off them, styled elopements will become increasingly popular as couples but don’t want to miss out on the once in a lifetime photos.

These trends will be around for a while after lockdown, and you may have already notice yourself thinking about some of these trends. Couples with postponed weddings may change their existing plan to an entirely different wedding.

Whether you're booking your wedding or the first time or rescheduling, make sure to take some of these in to account before making any major decisions. If you want to find out more, or would like some advice then get in touch.

Wedding Trends Born following the Covid-19 Pandemic

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