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How to Build The Perfect Drinks Bar For Your Summer Party

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Fruit cocktails in the sunshine

Planning a summer party in 2021 means planning a summer party like no other. Long-anticipated reunions are on the way (we hope!) and if you’re planning a garden party this summer it’s sure to be one to remember.

When planning the perfect garden party, a boring drinks table filled with bottles and plastic cups won't always do. We’ve covered some of the best ways summer garden party drinks ideas that will get your guests snapping pictures and videos for their Tik-Toks and Instagrams.

We also have pinterest boards PACKED with garden party inspiration and food and drink ideas.

Gin Bar

Gin was booming before the lockdown and has been sorely missed by many. Rather than having a few bottles of gin and some tonic to serve, create a fun and interactive gin bar for guests to create their own.

Create the perfect gin bar by displaying a variety of infusions to add to your G&T. These could be as simple or extravagant as you like. Lime, juniper berries and herbs are all super simple ideas that are easy to pick up at your local supermarket but make such a difference when added to a gin.

You could even pick up some flavoured tonics for your guests to try and spice up their drinks. Tonics come in a range of fruity flavours that can make a big difference to the overall taste of the drink.

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Sangria bar

Pimp my Prosecco

Prosecco can a lot of fun to play and experiment with. Pick up some edible glitter or prosecco bombs to add some flavour and visual fun to your prosecco! These are sure to add some excitement to your drinks table. Nowadays, there are hundreds of little extras out there to add to your prosecco that are easy to get from places such as Amazon or even larger supermarkets.

Build the perfect prosecco bar by also providing some fresh berries such as blueberries, strawberries and raspberries and this will be sure to add some excitement to the table.

If you’re looking for a fun way to display your prosecco bar, you could consider hiring in a prosecco wall! This would need to go against a wall or fence and preferably out of the sun to avoid the drinks getting warm. A prosecco wall is a great way to display a welcome drink. Locate the wall close to your back garden gate and ask guests to take their own drink as they enter. This will also avoid any handling of other people’s drinks and social distancing.


People have missed their luxury cocktails and beautiful drinks from bars, so why not provide the option for just that.

There are many garden party cocktails that would go down a treat at a garden party. Which cocktails you choose will entirely depend on you and your guest's tastes. If most people like gin, create a gin-based cocktail, if most people prefer something fruity create a fruity vodka-based cocktail.

If you can, it’s a good idea to offer two different cocktails. This way, most peoples’ tastes will be catered for and people will have an option.

You could make your cocktails individually or invest in a drinks dispenser and make these in bulk. We would recommend making these in bulk with a drinks dispenser because it will save you time and be more hygienic to dispense as required as opposed to having the glasses sitting around.

If you’re looking for someone to do the work for you, the order in some cocktails in cans or bottles from a company. Tapp’d Cocktails offers a range of fun cocktails that come in lovely little bottles. If you’re unsure then your guests would like, order a few mixed bottles from and let your guests decide.

Drinks in ice

Beer Barrow

Beer is a popular drink, especially during the summer months when it’s hot and the sunshine is beaming, but no one wants a warm beer.

Grab your old wheelbarrow (or some else’s) and fill it will a few bags of ice. Plant your bottles of beer in and create your very own big ice bucket for guests to help themselves!

This is a really easy and effective way to serve your beers, it saves your topping up regularly as you’ll be able to chill bottle without having to top up with fridge every half an hour. It also looks great in pictures and videos!

Non-alcoholic drink dispensers

Don’t forget to cater for those who don't drink, and any little ones who might be present. Non-alcoholic cocktails can be just as fun to create (if not more) then alcoholic cocktails.

As with your alcoholic cocktails, it could be a good idea to create two of these for guests to choose from. Create one fruity and bright and the other a subtle more chilled looking drink like a non-alcoholic mojito.

Fruit drinks dispenser

Water Station

Most importantly, ensure you provide your guests with plenty of water. Many people have reduced their drinking during the pandemic and will need plenty of water to counteract with alcohol and heat. Be a sensible host by ensuring this is available for guests at all times throughout the day.

A simple and easy way to have this on offer is to have a drinks dispenser close by to your other drinks. Make sure the water is iced and freshened every so often. You could add lemons or limes into the water to infuse it to make it a little more in theme with your party vibes.

Make sure you have hand sanitisers and wipes on or nearby to your drink’s stations. Once the restrictions are lifted during the summer, it will still be important to keep hygiene levels up. If you have a company assisting with your event, they’ll ensure the drinks stations stay clear, tidy and as germ-free as possible!

Summer party drinks don’t need to be the same old bottles with mixers.

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This summer is a celebratory summer like no other, so make sure your drinks bar lives us to its expectations! If you need a helping hand, our team of event planners can help you plan the perfect private event. Get in touch now!

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