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Tips for Showstopping Event Design

Event design - floral arrangements gold and pink theme

Beautiful event design is about taking a space and TRANSFORMING it into somewhere that is inspiring and exciting for your attendees. Regardless of your objectives, it's about more than just looking nice. We discuss how you can use clever event design to create an amazing atmosphere that will your brand to life and engage your attendees from start to finish.

Consider your brand values

Of course, you want an event that looks amazing, but it can be overwhelming when you start to look at decor options. Lighting, furniture, staging - where do you begin?!

Designing a showstopping event isn't as simple as choosing items that look good. A truly successful event should represent your brand from start to finish, and this should be the thread that ties all of your event planning decisions together.

One of our favourite parts of the event design process is finding unique and creative ways to incorporate our clients' branding into the design aesthetic. This is why we always ensure we sit down with our clients (although nowadays, this often happens virtually!) to spend the time truly getting to know what makes their brand unique. We look beyond the physical and consider all the ways in which your brand connects with it's customers, in order to decide on the foundations of your event design.

So, ask yourself - what are our brand values? Are you bold? Sustainable? Natural? Down to earth?

Asking these questions will mean you will bring your brand to life throughout your event, and ensure your event story is consistent from start to finish.

Similarly, by cementing your brand values it will make your brand more memorable to those attending, and believe it or not, this is just as important for internal events too!

Your Customer Journey

When planning a corporate event, it can be easy to just think about the main event. How do we want the stage to look? What furniture can we include? However, we like to consider the customer journey from start to finish. This can include digital touchpoints before the event, the registration desk, breakout areas and any post-event communications, too. Each of these touchpoints should represent the overall look and feel of your brand and make guests feel like they are part of something special.

Floor to Ceiling Event Design

When designing an event, many people only consider the things that are at eye level. Sure, a showstopping stage, beautiful furniture, and impressive floral arrangements are important, but considering the floor and ceiling of your event will take your design to the next level. Beautiful event design can be ruined with old fashioned carpet or stark lighting, so consider these things as the foundation of your event. Attention to detail will set your event apart and make it feel premium.


Composition is a term that is often used in things like photography and videography - but it's important to consider when designing an event too.

Let's start with leading lines. In order to create an event that is visually pleasing, you should consider how you can use lines to add interest and draw attention to certain parts of the event. This can be done with staging, draping, flooring, columns or even lighting - and all of these things together can create a memorable focal point.

Similarly, we need to consider how to balance form. Structures and furniture all have their own unique shapes, which can add to the drama or character of a space. It's important to consider how these forms all balance in order to create your desired atmosphere - perhaps you want to go big and bold, or more understated and natural. Either way - form is important and often difficult to get right.


Like lines and form, texture can add visual interest to an event design, and help bring your brand values to life. This is where we need to go back to our brand values:

  • If your brand value is sustainability - how can you use natural textures such as wood or grass to bring this to life?

  • Is your brand bold? How can you think about incorporating clashing patterns and eclectic objects to communicate this (without giving them a headache!)

  • Perhaps your approach is more modern. In which case, we'll use sleek materials such as marbles and mirror, to enforce a sense of calm and easiness.

Make it Instagrammable

This one might make you eye-roll a little bit - but hear us out. By creating an event that looks fabulous, you'll extend the reach far beyond those in the room. With a few simple touches, it's easier than ever to make your event instagrammable. Think beautiful floral displays, eye catching colours and clever use of lighting - all of which tie in to making a photogenic event.

It's important to apply these design principles to create a memorable event that will capture your attendees’ attention from the minute they step inside. Whatever type of event you’re organising, our team would love to help you out. We also have our own in-house dedicated creative team who will work on any digital and print materials needed to bring your event to life.

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