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Virtual Christmas Parties

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Work Christmas Parties on Zoom?

Virtual Christmas Parties - Man and woman

It’s getting to that time of year when our diaries begin to be populated with Christmas parties, nights out and cheese & wine dates. Although things are set to be different this year, it doesn’t mean that you can't throw a Christmas party that everyone will remember!

With a lot of bumps along the way in 2020, employees need all the support, connection and laughs they can get. Rather than calling Christmas parties off, employers are looking at ways to connect people in their own homes and still have a Christmas party that everyone looks forward to. Oh, and don’t worry, you can still make sure there’s at least 1 colleague that’s hanging their hungover head in shame the following morning at your 9 am zoom meeting!

Get all the family involved

This year we’ve learnt a lot more about our colleagues, managers bosses are other associates. We’ve delved into each other’s lives a lot more than the old ‘how was your weekend?’ chat. We’ve met partners and children, discovered décor tastes, said hello to pets reluctantly held up to the cameras and maybe even seen one or two things we didn’t bargain for.

As your Christmas parties will be taking place in your front room, it makes sense to involve the whole family. This will strengthen bonds between your employees and is a way of saying thank you to partners and families for their support to your employee as they’ve adapted to make their homes their offices.

This change will help show your employees how much you recognise their hard work throughout this difficult time - and not only that, you appreciate that their families have had a significant role to play in it too.

Deliveries to the door

The usual Christmas party would usually involve drinks and some food; whether that be bowl food, a buffet or a full sit-down meal.

As your guests will be in their separate households, it won’t be as straightforward as laying on some food this year. That’s why we’ve thought outside the box for you! Speak to a pizza company such as Dominos in advance and organise delivery to each household.

If you’re a close group, you’ll know everyone’s address and dietaries and can organise this in advance - only revealing the delightful surprise when you start the event. Alternatively, ask everyone beforehand what their preferences are to make sure everyone gets something they'll enjoy.

They will love how organised and thoughtful you’ve been as a company, adapting the Christmas party without missing anything out!

Virtual Christmas Parties - Gifts and deliveries

Send out pre-party packs (Santa hats are mandatory)

You’re getting ready for your virtual Christmas party; you’re dressed in your best attire (well the top half is) and you’re a bit anxious about what to expect without there being an official meeting subject in the invite.

Party packs are a great idea to make sure that there are no strange silences and the evening is kept light-hearted and fun! These can be completely tailored to your company with props and supplies to keep the party flowing and fun. You may choose to have some craft activities where you have to decorate and design your own items, such as glasses or a necklace which has to be worn during the call. This will get people laughing and give the event some structure too. Add in a few fun surprises and of course a Santa hat – which has to be mandatory during the whole event!

These are bound to go down a treat and shows how much effort the company has put in to make sure the employees have their Christmas party whether you decide to create your own pre-party packages or hire us to do it for you!

We also recommend including a bottle of something bubbly - being able to cheers to a challenging, but significant year will really bring your team together (and most people like an excuse for a glass of bubbly during the festive season!)

Entertainment ideas

Virtual Party

Ultimate quiz, animated with Canva

Yes, we are all quizzed out! But what a better way to end 2020 (the year of quizzes) than with an ultimate quiz, created and animated with Canva!

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use Canva, it’s super user friendly and has 1000’s of templates for you to adapt and customise. It’s a brilliant way to surprise your guests with an informal quiz that looks like it has been created professionally. You could throw in some company-related quiz questions to catch it out as well as a 2020 – true or false to see if everyone remembers everything that happened during the eventful year of 2020!

Don't fancy designing one yourself? Our expert in-house animators are well practiced in creating eye-catching, exciting video content that works fantastically for your zoom events. We've done it all - from quizzes to award ceremonies, so you can be sure something will be designed perfectly for your event.

Go Game’s EXPO

Whether you’re looking for entertainment for 10 or 1000 employees, Go Game are leaders in the remote entertainment world. The game itself takes 45 -60 minutes so is the perfect length of time to get stuck in without being bored or wanting to run to the loo. Players are guided through a variety of game types designed to maximise engagement, fun and give each player a chance to shine!

Game types include: • Buzz in Pub Trivia • Giphy Challenge • Pictionary Drawing • Head-to-Head Social Games • Lipdub • Fun Fact Match • Categories • Live Polling and Voting

To top it off, the platform is completely customisable for your company and doesn’t require any of your employees to download any complicated software. You’ll also have your own host who can DJ throughout, catch all the highlights and keep the atmosphere alive. Voting on each other submissions, you’ll be sure to have some sore sides at the end from all the laughing that will take place!

The Corona Canvas

During 2020 many of us have discovered the true artist in us and expanded our creative abilities, producing masterpieces we didn’t know where possible. The Corona Canvas is a new online game that has been launch by Bluehat Teambuilding, designed to be fun for all ages and abilities.

Each guest is sent 1 section of a larger image. Guests colour this image in either on the computer, iPad or by printing it out. Each member will add their personality into the design, which matches up with the neighbouring piece. You can use the gallery to see the neighbouring pieces and guide your design. Add your own images or messaging into the design. Once completed its placed into the correct position and with new picture completed. Each piece adds to a larger piece of artwork and the image grows to become one of the largest artwork pieces of all time!

Virtual escape room

A virtual escape room is a great way to boost team building and get people talking. By having an escape room built into the evening near the beginning it breaks the ice and gives people something to communicate about.

Escape Live offer a range of rooms, each one just as different to the next. Your team will be split into small teams of 2 – 6 people and together they will need to work together to find their way out of the room. By having different groups playing different games, it also gives them something to compare and discuss after the game has finished avoiding those awkward silences. Each online game lasts 60 seconds and is played using Zoom which we’re all pros at using now, so no awkward fussing around.

They’ve released a great video which sums up them and their online escape rooms here.

Of course, there are lots of companies out there at the moment offering online escape rooms, but the key is picking a professional company that can handle your requests and have experience in events before moving things online.

Hire your usual entertainment

If you’ve usually have had a mix and mingle entertainers such as a magician or comedy act, there’s even more reason to secure them now. Adding some entertainment to the zoom will provide some structure to your event and give it something to centre around.

It’s a great idea if you don’t want to have a whole entertaining event within your event. Your usual entertainment will have loads of experience with people and have adapted themselves very well to work with your zoom events. You can discuss your team with them beforehand and have the entertainment centred around the company and guests.

There’s even more reason to secure them now if you’d still like them to be around when you have a live event in future years!

Whilst your Christmas party may look different this year, it allows the company to show employees how open to change you are and how you’ll adapt to show your appreciation to them for all their hard work.

These ideas will create a Christmas party to remember and ensure everyone is included and feels valued, but most of all, everyone had a good time. If you’re looking for assistance organising your Christmas party or would like some more tips and advice, get in touch, check out our virtual events page!

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