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Top Wedding Colour Trends Predictions for 2022/2023

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

A new year is always an exciting time in the wedding industry with 2022 couples finally finding themselves in their big year, and 2023 couples finding themselves all that bit closer! As with every year, we're sharing our top wedding colour trend predictions for 2022 and 2023.

Colour combinations are becoming a huge hit in the wedding industry. We are seeing less of one colour choice, and more of paired colours, palettes, and a range of colour shades.

The days of choosing one shade or colour and theming every element from the Bridesmaids to stationery and everything in between are in the past. The evolving use of colour palettes only adds to the atmosphere of the day, whether you’re going for a relaxed boho style or an elegant black-tie attire.

As always, Pantone’s colour of the year announcement will undoubtedly have a subconscious impact on the colour choices of Brides and Grooms wedding colour schemes in 2022 and 2023. This year, Pantone’s colour of the year is Veri Peri, which is a classically beautiful shade of purple. This colour is bold and has long been a classic choice for couples choosing their colour palettes for their weddings. We have already seen the comeback of a classic purple palette for upcoming Brides and Grooms, with many mixing and matching the classic purple with other colours and reviving the beautiful purple shades throughout their wedding.

Blue and Purple Wedding Decor

Bold Purple and Calming Blues

As we mentioned, purple is this year’s colour of the year and we’re not surprised at the rising popularity to incorporate this classic colour into couple’s colour palettes.

2020 saw Pantone’s colour of the year awarded to ‘Classic Blue’ and as we highlighted on our blog 2021/ 2022 Wedding Colour Trends, we saw a huge rise in blue as the major wedding colour palette for Bride and Grooms, and still are! Blue is a very popular colour for weddings, because of its beauty as a colour and the range of shades offering something to suit every venue and theme.

This year, and going into 2023, we’re going to see a combination of purple and blue shades as a wedding colour palette, and it will be a huge hit. These two amazing wedding colour themes complement each other beautifully, resulting in a bold palette that is perfect for any wedding setting.

These two colours together create a magical combination, with the tones easily blending into one another, and this will be particularly beautiful in floral displays. We'd also recommend choosing blue or purple glassware for an unusual statement on your tables.

We love this wedding colour scheme in a rustic barn style venue due to the association and opportunity to use wildflowers such as lavender, bluebells and thistles. But the great thing about these two paired colours is that they will look beautifully unique in any venue style.

Sage and Blush Wedding Decor

Sage and Blush Pink

Sage has worked its way back into the popular wedding palettes, even becoming a stand-alone colour theme of its own over the years. The classically soft green gives a calming feel to one of the biggest days and is easily our most requested colour scheme.

This theme is easily achievable with sage being a naturally occurring colour in most foliage, pairing well with almost any shade of pink or blush.

The natural tones of sage blend beautifully with the classy blush, creating the perfect balance between elegance and nature. Depending on what shade of pink/blush you choose this theme could be well suited to both a boho, rustic wedding theme or a classic pastel pink wedding theme. Either way, we see this being a huge hit in 2022 and 2023 as combination colours lead the way!

Orange, Gold and Neutrals

Orange, Gold and Neutral combinations are going to make a big statement this year. Last year, we saw the rise in couples choosing boho-themed weddings because of the relaxed atmosphere and stunning, instagrammable photos that can be achieved.

In 2022 and 2023, we don’t predict that this will slow down. Boho weddings will continue to rise, and with that, we will see a rise in the colour combination, orange, gold and neutral. We'll see these mixed with chic antique and rustic furniture, for quirky couples who love to make a statement.

We already know this theme works well in a wide range of venue styles. But we love this in a venue with lots of outdoor space, such as a marquee wedding where there is room to add lots of personality to the space.

The big change this year will be the movement away from only using these colours in a boho theme. Instead, we will see orange, gold and neutrals used in much more elegant settings, using the gold accents with vibrant and burnt oranges, and adding in those balancing neutrals to achieve the perfect colour palette.

Pink and Orange Wedding Decor

Pink and Orange

Pink and orange as standalone colours are not anything new in the wedding world, but combining these two colours is going to become a big trend in 2022 and 2023.

Pink and orange sit near each other on the colour wheel and so this combination can be a delightful surprise that oozes happiness and warmth.

The thing we love about this combination is that the pinks and oranges don’t need to be a certain shade or tone to work well together.

One option for this pink and orange combination is pastel pink and orange, which will make your space bright and pretty. Pastel Orange and pastel pink are both soft colours that together create a unique look and feel for your big day.

Another option is to choose burnt orange and blush pink. This creates a more modern look to the pastel option, but will be sure to have your guests stopping in their footsteps. There is something about how these colours compliment each other that results in a stunning combination whether your style is boho or elegant.

When choosing this colour scheme, don’t be afraid to explore a range of shades. The amazing thing about this colour scheme is that you can use as many different shades of each colour as you like.

Red, burgundy and pink wedding decor

Red, Burgundy and Pinks

These colours are bold and beautiful and have been considered complimenting colours for a long time - which is why we've been seeing them in weddings for years.

Red is often steered away from when it comes to weddings, despite its romantic appeal. But pairing up a rich burgundy and soft pink, is fast making a comeback as a 2022/2023 combination favourite.

This is another colour combination where you can get super creative with the shades and tones of each colour. We will even see orange being added to some couples’ palettes.

Although red for a wedding is often used in only the winter, by coupling red with burgundy and pink, this wedding palette will become suitable for weddings at all times of year. The combination of colours softens the look and feel, leaving you will a warm and personal atmosphere!

We like this colour theme in a grand venue, such as a manor house or a luxury hotel.

Green wedding theme

Shades of Green

We’ve already seen a big rise in the number of couples choosing shades of green for their big day! The colour green boasts so many shades which are perfect for a wedding, and we love every single one of them!

Choosing green as your wedding colour scheme allows you to incorporate more natural foliage such as eucalyptus and ivy into your big day. Choosing the right foliage will provide you with a beautiful mix of light and bright greens, sages and those dark, deep greens creating the perfect balance.

Similarly, you may decide to go for a more tropical theme, using large leaves such as monserra or palm leaves within your decor, as well as your floral arrangements.

You may have already noticed the increase in sage green Bridesmaid dresses available and had your eyes caught by green-themed foliage on wedding invitation designs when browsing.

This theme can be as modern or as traditional as you wish, and won’t look outdated for years to come. The blend of nature also makes this theme very achievable, with a lot of venues having neutral florals already in house boasting varying green foliage.

We think this theme is so versatile and can work well in any style of venue. If you’re thinking of choosing green as your wedding colour, we would recommend making use of any outdoor areas as well.

Black and White

Black and White wedding themes are fast growing in popularity - particularly with luxury and higher budget weddings. This theme oozes elegance and won’t lose its uniqueness any time soon.

Black and White themes are often black tie, but they don’t always need to be. Black and white weddings can include neutral colours or metallics such as gold, to break them up and provide contrast.

White Bridesmaid dresses will make an even bigger comeback over the next few years as couples worry less about tradition and put their personality in their wedding choices. Celebrities can be thanked for some of the attention surrounding black and white weddings, after showing us how classy and beautiful white Bridesmaids dresses can be.

The black and white wedding theme makes perfect use of decorative glassware and those intricate glass vases which look beautiful in a traditional venue. Black and white also pair well with silver or gold so you should make an effort to use bespoke cutlery and crockery for a premium effect.

Popular wedding colours are always changing, and that’s why we always stay ahead of the game with our predictions.

Remember, make sure you pick and colour palette that represents you as a couple and that you are going to love for years to come. Make sure you do your research and create a Pinterest board (or a few!) of your favourite colour schemes before making your decision. You could always ask your venue for colour options that work well in their setting or have a look on their Instagram if they’re frequent posters - you may find the perfect colour scheme jumps out at you without having to do any other research.

If you’re confused about where to start to decide on your theme or you know what you like but need help delivering it and reaching its full potential, then have a look at our Pinterest page and get in touch. We would love to help bring your big day to life!

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